Golf Club Fitting & Repair near Brandon, Valrico, Lithia

Golf club fitting and repair near Brandon, Valrico, Lithia, Fishhawk

Club Fitting

1 Stop Golf Shop has a simple club fitting philosophy- "Let's Get it Right". 

Club fitting should not be reserved to only the tour professionals. Players of all skill levels can benefit from being professionally fit. HOWEVER, it does not need to be so cost prohibitive.  

Staying with our Trackman pricing structure:

  • Full Bag Fitting - $80.00

    • This will take approximately one (1) hour to size your clubs.
    • Driver Fitting - $40.00

      • This will take about 30 minutes.

    When we do club fitting we factor in the following:

    • Grip size
    • Length of clubs
    • Shaft specifications
    • Loft and lie factors

    We have many clubs in stock, but we can custom order from any of our vendors to make sure you get the proper clubs. 

    We, at 1 Stop Golf Shop, know that clubs can be a big investment but we want you to be confident when you step on the 1st tee.

    Stop by the store or call ahead or go online and book your fitting appointment.

    (813) 655-0355

    Club Repair

    1 Stop Golf Shop is a full service club repair facility.  Our goal is to inform our customers so that their game improves!  We do this in a multiple of ways.

      Full Bag Evaluation = $20.00

      The following information is given:

      • Evaluate your grips- for size, tackiness and playability. 
      • Check loft and lie of your irons
      • Check length of clubs
      • Discuss your bag make up. Many times, players have 2 of the same loft club- i.e. a 4 hybrid and a 3 iron- or 2 wedges one that says "SW" on it and another that says "56 degree".