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Sean Klotz and Landon Ogilbee, 1 Stop Golf Shop

Our goal at 1 Stop Golf Shop is to build a relationship with each student.  We interview the student at the beginning of each session, so that we are working towards a mutually agreed upon goal.  Sharing physical limitations, discussing past tendencies on the course and during the swing, and ultimately mapping out a game plan to improve, are all very important parts of the interview and relationship building process.


Trackman Golf Analysis EXPUTT Golf Analysis

There is a tremendous amount of data that can be utilized through Trackman, EXPUTT and Video Analysis.  It is our job to identify and deliver the critical data points to each student in a simplistic way so that the student will have a leave with a concrete plan of action to improve their swing, short game, putting and ultimately their game. 

Golf Lesson Pricing: Adults

30 Minute Lesson - $50.00

1 Hour Lesson - $80.00

Lessons include full analysis of your swing, stance, posture and video analysis using Trackman data to fully enhance your experience. Each lesson will receive a Trackman screencast, a great tool to help you remember what to work on until the next lesson.

Group Lessons -  $25.00 per student.

This is a great way to come as a group and receive not only personal instruction but also learn through “osmosis” as you listen in our instructors working with other players in the group.  Minimum of 4 players and 60 minutes.

Golf Lesson Pricing: Juniors (ages 5-16)

30 minute Lesson - $30.00

Perfect for ages 5-16 and designed for those young golfers who have aspirations for high school golf teams and possibly tournament golf.  But, also a great way to be introduced to the game and get started with good mechanics and proper set up position

Driver Lessons (using Trackman)

  • Spin Rate - Measured in revolution per minute (rpm) Critical data point for driver optimal performance. With today’s adjustable drivers, it is easy to change spin rate to benefit total carry and direction of ball flight.  We know how to make those adjustments.  Having the properly fit driver shaft is also very important to effect spin rate.  Other adjustments can be the proper tee height and the correct ball position.
  • Launch Angle - Measured in degrees, how is the ball launched into the air.
  • Dynamic Loft - If you have a 9 degree driver and you have a dynamic loft number of 16 you have added 7 degrees of loft through impact- this will effect spin rate and ultimately carry and total distance.
  • Attack Angle - For most golfers we will look for a positive attack angle with driver meaning you are swinging the clubhead “up” to meet the ball on the tee.
  • Low Point – For most golfers we will look for a low point behind the ball with driver which will coincide with a positive attack angle.

Iron Lessons (using Trackman)

  • Face Angle - The “Mac Daddy of all data points”- studies have shown that 65-70% of the STARTING LINE of the golf ball is determined by the face angle at impact. Like Club Path, negative numbers show a Left of target face for right handed golfers;( positive numbers show a Right of target face for right handed golfers)
  • Face to Path - This is the formula determined by club path and face angle-  the goal is to get this number inside +2 or -2; not being concerned if it is negative or positive, more based on are we getting the club path and face angle close to each other.
  • Attack Angle - Basically, what your shoulders are doing through the hitting zone.
  • Low Point - Measured in inches behind or ahead of the ball- where the bottom of your swing is.
  • Club Path - From hip high to hip high, what direction is the clubhead moving- negative numbers show a Left of target path  for right handed golfers; positive numbers show a Right of target path.  This is a critical number to help understand why a ball may draw or fade.

Wedge Lessons (using Trackman)

  • Height - Measures the apex of the shot; sometimes you are trying to hit high soft shots or sometimes you are trying to flight the ball into the green so knowing the apex is critical.
  • Spin Axis - Measures the direction the ball is flying- i.e. a positive spin axis means the ball is moving from left to right; a negative spin axis means the ball is moving from right to left.
  • Dynamic Loft -  what loft are you delivering the club at impact
  • Carry- critical for wedges (and irons) to know your actual carry yardages.

Putting Lessons (using EXPUTT)

  • Face Angle - the most critical data point in putting- a left face at impact will start the ball left of target; a right face angle will start the ball right of the target.
  • Club Path - measures the path of the club though impact; although face angle is KING in putter statistics, club path is very important in determining if you are imparting spin, either left or right.
  • Launch Direction - measured in degrees dictated by face angle and club path, essentially which direction did the ball leave the face.

As you can tell, there is a tremendous amount of information we can determine from Trackman & EXPUTT.  Again, it is our job to pick through and deliver the “Most Important” information to produce the best results.  A good golf lesson should include good interaction between student and coach.  Questions are encouraged and usually lead to “A-Ha” moments.

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1 Stop Golf Coach's Bio

Sean Klotz

Sean Klotz, 1 Stop Golf Shop

Sean has been a Class A PGA member since 2003.  He has given hundreds of lessons each year since 2000 and is comfortable with all skill levels and age groups.

His best attribute is simplifying some of golf’s most discussed swing theories and techniques. “Dumbing it down” essentially, but at the same time, he can work with the most skilled players as well. 

Sean coached high school golf for 5 years and was assistant for another 3 years working with both the boys and girls teams in Zephyrhills, FL. 

He is a resident in the Buckhorn area and a member at Buckhorn CC. Sean’ wife is a schoolteacher in Riverview and he has 3 daughters ranging from 15 to 20 years old. He is a local business owner who wants to help you improve your game.

His strengths in teaching are short game, putting and full swing analysis. 

Landon Ogilbee

Landon Ogilbee, 1 Stop Golf Shop

Landon is a developing teacher and student of the game.  His nickname is the “Professor” as he can help you fully understand all of the data points of Trackman. 

His innate understanding of complex swing data points then allows him to develop strategies to improve your swing and scores. He is very well-versed in all of the “new” technology. This allows him to drill down on the benefits of different driver settings and how you can use these to improve ball flight, launch characteristics and overall carry.

Our Methodology

The most unique thing about 1 Stop Golf Shop teaching method is often time you will be “tag teamed” during a lesson.  Sean, the “Whisperer”, giving you the easy to understand version of the data and swing mechanics and Landon, the “Professor”, giving you the technical data to focus on for improving your swing and ultimately your score.

We look forward to working with you on learning more about golf and improving your game.

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